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Question-a-Day 2022

A few years ago, I posted on Twitter and Facebook a question a day in the fifteen weeks leading to the GCSE exams. This proved to be quite popular and I ended up publishing the questions in books through Amazon.

At the start of 2020 I began to post a GCSE question a day on Twitter (and Facebook - this didn't last due to too much abuse). Questions were posted and the answers would follow in 48 hours. Well, 2020 proved to be quite an interesting year! I still managed o post every day that year (a book of the questions will follow soon).

So, I will go again - but expanding even further!!!

From January 1st 2022, I will post a GCSE and AS/A Level question every day for a year. That's one GCSE and one AS/A Level question every single day of 2022!!!!! The answers will follow 48 hours later. I've never done this with AS/A Level, so I hope this will help our Year 12/13 students.

Wish me luck!!!!!

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